If you still haven’t noticed, Deep Learning is becoming a fixture in our daily lives. Some of those uses are easily recognizable, from self-driving cars to something as simple as algorithms powering a more personalized entertainment experience from streaming services. We see them daily when we jump on Netflix, shop on Amazon or see a Tesla drive by. But What If the potential benefits of Deep Learning were on the verge of profoundly improving the world in which we live? Looking far beyond creature comforts, some of these “What Ifs” could have the power to change the course of human history. Let’s contemplate just a few of the most exciting Deep Learning possibilities:

What if... crimes could be predicted and reduced? Video surveillance has typically been a job requiring locked-in human focus. AI-powered video surveillance could use facial recognition and behavioral analysis (standing in same location, uncoordinated movements, etc) to alert humans of developing high-risk situations that merit attention. Home Staffing What if... home staffing teams were no longer just a luxury of the wealthy? We’ve already seen the emergence of virtual personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. However, continued improvements and integrations are moving this technology toward systems that will be able to handle everything from doing your shopping to answering/opening doors for approved visitors. What if... student education was built around customized learning plans? Machine learning capabilities exist that allow analysis of child comprehension, the way they perceive and learn, leading to the creation of customized academic plans that target the respective attributes of each student. Additionally, creation of testing scoring systems and unique grading frameworks can free up teachers’ time and further refine student learning curriculums. Legal What if... we could create a faster, more efficient legal system? Machine learning can assist lawyers with redundant tasks related to documentation, processing and proofs/research, allowing lawyers to access relevant information more quickly, creating the potential to speed up case reviews. What if... company financial insights were available to investors more quickly? Financial reporting and insights remain a valuable source of information to analysts, advisors and individual investors. Media outlets like Bloomberg are utilizing AI to make sense of detailed financial reports enabling a higher volume of related articles to reach market faster. Deliveries What if... you could receive deliveries faster while seeing less neighborhood congestion? AI and machine learning are being incorporated into the next generation of delivery services. Powered by airborne drones, the potential exists for not only faster delivery times for both commercial and personal purchases but also for a reduction in traffic loads on roadways, creating a better driving experience and lower environmental impact, especially in urban settings.

We believe the Deep Learning space is poised for explosive growth, transforming our day-to-day lives in the process. If you’re looking for a way to capitalize on the “AI Movement”, learn more about the TrueShares Technology, AI and Deep Learning ETF: LRNZ.

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