If you haven’t noticed, Deep Learning is becoming a fixture in our daily lives. Some of those uses are easily recognizable, from self-driving cars to something as simple as algorithms powering a more personalized entertainment experience from streaming services. We see them daily when we jump on Netflix, shop on Amazon or see a Tesla drive by. But What If the potential benefits of Deep Learning were on the verge of profoundly improving the world in which we live? Looking far beyond creature comforts, some of these “What Ifs” could have the power to change the course of human history. Let’s contemplate just a few of the most exciting Deep Learning possibilities:

What if... Deep Learning was able to eliminate consumer fraud? Natural language processing (NLP) technology is opening up avenues to use unstructured data (think chatbot conversations) to prevent financial fraud attempts in real-time. Climate Change What if... Artificial Intelligence could help stem the tide of climate change? AI technologies carry the promise to play an influential role in the challenges of global climate change, presenting a wide range of applications from flood and fire predictions to pathways for developing fusion energy. Importantly, this includes the potential to create zero-carbon AI computation methods, allowing powerful tools to be utilized with no carbon footprints. What if... diseases could be diagnosed before our ability to see them in scan images? Deep learning and AI technologies are impacting the breadth of the healthcare landscape, with improved diagnostics, ranging from quicker cancer diagnosis to revealing the potential for blindness in premature infants, to radically reducing drug development times and costs. Earthquake What if... lives could be saved from improving the time it took to predict earthquakes? Predicting earthquakes has historically presented massive challenges due to the various contributing factors. Deep Learning is now being utilized in this area and has shown promising initial results. This could provide the type of early warning signals that dramatically improve the number of lives saved. What if... Deep Learning could help feed the world? Deep learning technologies are playing an important role in improving crop yields in a variety of ways, from more effective use of herbicides to enhanced plant disease diagnosis accuracy. Additionally, deep learning and AI offer the ability to better optimize plant strains and create more efficient land-use crop production.

We believe the Deep Learning space is poised for explosive growth, transforming our day-to-day lives in the process. If you’re looking for a way to capitalize on the “AI Movement”, learn more about the TrueShares Technology, AI and Deep Learning ETF: LRNZ.

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