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In this episode of her CleanTech and Climate Change Podcast, Dawn Van Zant talks with Michael Loukas, TrueMark Investment’s Principal & CEO, about the roles of ESG and AI in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Looking at a future post-pandemic, Loukas sees the silver lining of a resilient market and economy ahead with a paradigm shift in how the global workforce will live their lives.

“When we come out on the other end there will be a whole new focus on the economy. There will be a much lower demand in fossil fuels. There will be leaders and laggards. Our job in the investment community is to help bridge that gap; to help the corporate world and economic landscape and see that change can be good and profitable.”

Michael Loukas


Michael N. Loukas
Michael N. Loukas

Mr. Loukas brings over 20 years of industry experience to TrueMark. Previously, Michael served as President and CEO of USA Mutuals, where he was directly responsible for executing the company’s strategic vision on a day to day basis. Mr. Loukas was also a founding Principal and CEO of WaveFront Capital Management in San Francisco, an institutional investment advisor that specializes in Emerging Markets and China. 

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